No Webinars Scheduled

No Webinars Scheduled

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Q. What is a Webinar?
A. A "webinar" is short for Web-based Seminar. It's a presentation or seminar that's transmitted over the internet. They are usually interactive and allow the flexibility of organized discussions.

Q. How do Webinars Work?
A. They are Very Easy to Attend!
#1 You will receive a confirmation e-mail immediately after you register that has a link to click and instructions on how to listen.
#2 You'll receive three reminder e-mails prior to the webinar with the correct link to click.
#3 Please arrive a few minutes early. You'll be connected to the Webinar and placed on hold until it begins. You will need to use the URL given to you to connect to the Webinar.
#4 That's it! Sit back and enjoy the Webinar! Type your questions during the webinar as you have them and we'll be sure to get them all answered!